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What Are The Advantages Of Mixed Pulp Technology?

What Are The Advantages Of Mixed Pulp Technology?

There are many advantages if adopt mix beating pulp in paper making process, here are the details.

1. In the enterprise that buy pulpboard from outside, it can measure the pulpboard through Hydrapulper, easy to ratio properly, is good to stabler paper machine production;
2. Reduce the number of pulp chest before and after pulping and equipped equipment, save the equipment investment;
3. In disc refiner etc continuous pulping production system, mixing pulping save pulping equipment than separate pulping, it is easy to operate and manage;
4. Improve the physical strength of paper and reduce power consumption.

In pulp making process, many pulp beating methods are adopted for different paper mill different production requirement, paper mill can explore more and then get the most suitable beating method. We manufacture high performance and low energy consumption pulp beating machine Double Disc Refiner, welcome to consult us for more details:


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