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Slurry Approach System for Paper Making

Approach System

The Slurry Approach System refers to the equipment and piping systems between the pulp chaest and the headbox, also known as sizing system.

Main Effects of Approach System

1. Mix the slurry thoroughly;

2. Dilute the concentration of the slurry in headbox;

3. Slag removal;

4. Stabilize concentration and flow.

The importance of Approach System

Unreasonable Approach System design will directly affect the paper making, resulting in paper banners quantitative uneven, longitudinal quantitative instability, the emergence of holes, and even breakage and other phenomena.

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the paper machine and reduce the paper machine breakage, to produce high-quality products, slurry approach system plays a vital role, whether the technological process of approach system is advanced, the equipment layout is reasonable, and pipeline route is reasonable should be seriously considered by the designers. With the increase of paper machine speed, the processing requirements of the slurry approach system are also getting higher and higher.

For different products, sizing system configuration should be carefully selected and reasonably matched, so that the process design can be more reasonable, at the same time, the relevant automatic control system have to keep up. In the premise of grasp of the general direction, each small part can not be ignored.


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