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Drum Pulper Following Development Trend of Paper Industry


Development Trend of Waste Paper Pulping

The development trend of waste paper pulping of today’s paper making industry is: removing contaminated impurities as much as possible in the pulping stage to save power and reduce the burden of subsequent processes to remove contaminants; light and heavy debris are removed as much as possible at original state to reduce the burden of follow-up process.

Why Drum Pulper is Popular?

The Drum Pulper sets pulping and screening in one, particularly suitable for the pulping of unselected waste paper raw materials, which is of greater economic and social benefits for the expansion of secondary fiber recycling and use, reduction of environmental pollution, energy conservation, achievement of the domestication of paper making equipment and saving of foreign exchange.

Working Principle of this Popular Drum Pulp Machine

The machine has a pulping area and screening area, which can complete the two processes of pulping and screening once. Waste paper is delivered from the conveyor into the high concentration pulp area with slow rotation, and taken up by the the scraper in the inner wall to a certain height to drop with the drum rotation at 14% -18% concentration, and hit against the hard inner wall of the drum, so that due to the production of moderate and effective shear force and enhancement of the friction between the fibers, waste paper is separated into fibers, while the foreign impurities, film, plastics, gravel, rags and so on will be degraded. As the drums are constantly rotating and slightly tilted, the waste paper advances along this inclination and enters the screening area through the degradation area. In the area, add dilution water from the drum side to make the slurry diluted to 3% -4% concentration, the diluted slurry will enter the pulp chest through the sieve, and the light and heavy impurities are back to the drum to continue to move forward to be discharged in the the end of the drum.


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