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A4 Paper Pulp Manufacture Supplier


Paper pulp is a key point in A4 paper production line, which can decide the finished paper production at a large extent.
Recently, Leizhan is producing a set of A4 paper making machine for a India paper mill, and the pulping machine is the most important link.

Pulp Machine In A4 Paper Production Line

The Indian paper mill asks the production capacity should be 40t/d, and the made-up A4 paper quality should attain to A level. So Leizhan design a complete pulping equipment to meet the production and quality requests.
1. ZG2500 Drum Pulper, production capacity 70-120t/d, working under the consistency of 14%-18%.
2. ZDSG10 H.C. Hydrapulper, production capacity 40-50t/d, working under the consistency of 12%-18%.
3. ZDSZ24 M.C. Hydrapulper, production capacity 40-60t/d, working under the consistency of 5%-8%.
4. ZNS1 M.C. Pressure Screen, production capacity 30-50t/d, working under the consistency of 2.5%-4%.
6. NLS1 Inflow Pressure Screen, producing capacity 45-80t/d, working under the consistency of 0.4%-0.8%.
The A4 paper pulping consistency declines from a high number of 18% to a low 1.4%,  meaning the pulp fiber is slender enough to keep the A4 paper quality reach to A level.

Leizhan Advantage In Paper Pulping

Leizhan is mainly focus on producing paper pulping equipment, including paper screening, cleaning, pulping and refining and so on. In the past years, Leizhan have had many positive experience in supplying paper making machine to India, Iran, South Africa, German, Russia and so on.
Leizhan owns lots of core technology in producing pulp machine, especially the VOKES rotor and Automatic Control System, which can reduce the energy resumption and improve the work efficiency.


Zhengzhou Leizhan Technology Paper Machinery Co., LTD., founded in the year 1980, is a professional manufacturer in researching and developing complete sets of waste paper pulp equipment. Our waste paper recycling plants and pulp equipment are highly praised by customers in paper making industries around the world.

Leizhan paper pulp machine are mainly about pressure screen( M.C. pressure screen, Inflow pressure screen ), Drum Pulper VS D type Hydrapulper, Bale Opener, waste paper Chain Conveyor, Pulp Pump, Vertical Hydrapulper, Light Impurity Separator, Auto-cleaning Vibrating Screen, Reject Separator, refiner equipment, etc.

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