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M.C. coarse screen Process & Technology

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Energy-saving process and Technology of M.C. coarse screen

Zhengzhou Leizhan improved and summarized a set of energy – saving process that apply to current OCC waste paper quality and paperboard requirements in continuous development of wrapping paper pulp making technology.

The LOCC T paper pulp flow chart of Hengfeng 300tons per 15hour.


Work principle of M.C. coarse screen

Firstly, Leizhan company adopts energy-saving and efficient drum breaking system, mild pulper reduce the repulping process on the secondary role of recycling fibers cut off. To ensure that the final paper targets, and also without destroying the physical dimensions of the impurities, in the pulping section will conduct a preliminary screening, remove light impurity in pulp of system. Reduce load of screening process and improve filtering effect , supporting has drum pulper system of BFW chain conveyor with stable and free maintenance, can realize the automatic control of cracking , guarantee the concentration of slurry and stability of yield.

Secondly, adopt coarse filter and fine filter screen of M.C. pressure screen can adopt to higher concentrations, reduce white water that diluted by slurry. Optimized rotor make configured the power for pressure screen lower but has higher efficiency.

Finally, supporting the use of high and low consistency cleaner and Tailings treatment equipment such as light slag separator, reject separator and so on that all use the best technology configurations and manufacturing precision, to ensure the entire pulp line running high efficiency, and the quality of final pulp product more cleaner. All the Total installed power of main equipments for this pulp line is about 1106KW, tons of energy for pulp is about 55.3KW.H, and the actual power consumption is about 41.4d/t (absolutely dry pulp).

All the stones together can have a solid foundation; we are looking forward to the future and full of hope. Leizhan company desire to cooperate with paper making enterprises home and abroad to create the wonder future and mutual benefit to reach a win-win situation.


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