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Maintenance of Mid Consistency Pressure Screen


The M.C. Pressure Screen is a newly developed pulp concentrated screening equipment by Leizhan by absorbing the international advanced technology.

Constituent parts of the Mid Consistency Pressure Screen

The M.C. Pressure Screen consists of engine body, cover, screen cylinder, rotating cylinder, base, the transmission part and so on.

Application Scope of Mid Consistency Pressure Screen

It is suitable for the thermal screening of wood pulp or straw pulp; coarse screening or fine screening of chemical pulp and waste paper pulp, screening of preheating wood chips grinding pulp and so on.

Advantages of Mid Consistency Pressure Screen

Strong adaptability, energy saving, water saving and high production efficiency.

As we all know, equipment maintenance is directly related to good work accuracy and performance of the machine, the quality of processed products, factory’s production efficiency and economic efficiency. Therefore, the maintenance of equipment is necessary, then how to maintain Mid Consistency Pressure Screen?

Maintenance of Mid Consistency Pressure Screen

1. The spindle bearing should be lubricated with grease, an oiler should be installed at the front of the base, and two times of oiling should be done per week.

2. Cover lift device bearing should be lubricated once a year.

3. Check regularly if the sealing water supply for the mechanical seal is normal.

4. Triangle tape tension must always be checked.

5.In order to avoid re-boot difficulties, in a short downtime, the screen cylinder must be carefully cleaned, and the screen cylinder should be filled with water.


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