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Technological Analysis of Mechanical Failures of Paper Machine


Paper machine production line equipment process is longer, the specification model is complex and there are more systems. In the process, the stand-alone or parts damage will lead to a comprehensive shutdown, causing some economic losses to the enterprise. Therefore, equipment maintenance is the basic condition to ensure the normal production of paper mills, and also a focus of maintenance management.

Paper machine failures mainly includes two aspects, one is the inherent failure of production. The shutdown is mainly constructed under the premise that the product quality is guaranteed and the production process requirements are met, especially high-grade cultural paper production. But its handling is relatively simple; the other is the equipment failure, in the paper machine production process, there is a certain degree of particularity and complexity.

Characteristics of shutdown due to equipment failures

1. There will often be equipment downtime in more equipment failure points.

2. Some parts have a shorter life, and spare parts replacement frequency is relatively high.

3. There is a large gap between fault cycle and occupied maintenance time, and the management is difficult.

The main reasons for the shutdown of equipment failures

1. Wear. The main reasons include long-term contact with copper mesh, pulp, wool or forming paper wear parts and equipment, such as pulper, pulp pump, vacuum box panel, desander, calendering roller, press roll and so on. Another reason is the frequent movement of parts, such as steam head, vacuum roll, scraper, cylinder and vacuum pump.

2. Lubrication. Mechanical movement has a direct link with bearings. The roller-based paper machine has many types and quantities of rollers, and hundreds of various types of bearings, therefore, lubrication management work is extremely necessary, especially when influenced by the water, heavy load and high temperature, there is evaporation, loss and aging phenomenon of lubricating oil which will lead to damage to the lubrication effect, resulting in bearing damage and shaft wear problems. Therefore, the regular inspection of refueling work is extremely necessary.

3. Fatigue. The machine with heavy and continuous operation is prone to have fatigue and damage. In the paper machine, because some parts are constrained by the mechanical structure and operating principle, there should not be too much design strength of the parts, to avoid damage phenomenon, which can be resolved with maintenance, technological transformation and other measures.


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