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Why Felt Washing is Necessary for Papermaking?


Function of the Paper Making Felt

It can be used for paper forming, wet paper pressing dehydration and transportation.

The felt is the valuable consumable on the paper machine, so its correct use is very important, especially the cleaning.

Why Felt Washing is Important?

In the production process, the small fibers, fillers, compounds, colorants and other substances in paper stock, as well as the impurities in production water, can adhere to the felt easily, which will plug the felt evelet, affecting the absorptivity and drainability of the felt.

Therefore, the felt washing is one of the key issues to ensure that good dehydration performance in the press section and extend the life of the felt. For acupuncture felt, it is more important, because the surface tomentum is long and thick, fiber gap is small, which can be easily blocked, and after being stained, it is difficult to be washed off.

According to the survey, the felt is taken off machine, more than 90% is not due to wear but because of the blockage, it can be seen that washing is vital to the felt.


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