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Why These Factors Have High Effects On Paper Strength

Why These Factors Have High Effects On Paper Strength

In the precious article, we have introduced the factors affect the paper strength. Here are the reasons why these factors have high effects on paper strength.

1) The impact of the type of slurry
Different types of pulp, whether in the physical structure or chemical composition is not the same, in general, the chemical fiber pulp maximum binding force, followed by cotton, mechanical pulp the worst.

2) The effect of hemicellulose
The content of hemicellulose pulp, when beating easy to water swelling, increasing the fiber surface area and bonding area, improve fiber binding. The molecular chain of hemicellulose is shorter than cellulose and is more hydrophilic. It is easy to absorb water and swell and fibrillate when beating, so the pulp containing hemicellulose is easier to beaten and the binding force between fibers is also larger. Of course, the high content of hemicellulose, beating and papermaking are negative, mainly due to hemicellulose swelling too fast, excessive beating, paper copied transparent crisp, low strength. On the other hand, hemicellulose, short fibers and more, the fiber itself will reduce the intensity, while reducing fiber binding.

3) The effect of cellulose
In general, cellulose has long chain length, high degree of polymerization, high strength of the fiber itself, not easy to cut when beating, so that when it is cut to an appropriate length, the fiber has been sufficiently bifurcated, fibers The combination of strength is larger.

4) The influence of lignin
Before the introduction of lignin is mainly distributed in the fiber primary wall and the secondary wall of the outer layer, due to the extremely low hydrophilic lignin, the presence of lignin affect the fiber swelling, fine fibrosis, which contains lignin and more pulp , Not easy to beating, poor fiber binding.

5) The impact of papermaking additives
The addition of hydrophilic substances such as starch, protein, plant gum, etc. to the pulp will increase the binding force between the fibers because these substances themselves have the same polar hydroxyl groups as the cellulose. Since the hydroxyl groups are hydrogen-bonded, The combination with the fiber more solid.

The addition of water-repellent substances to the pulp, such as inorganic fillers, alum and the like, can reduce the binding force between the fibers because the addition of these substances will separate the fibers from the fibers and reduce the contact surface between the fibers and thus the binding force of the fibers.

6) The impact of papermaking process operation
This is the technical content of the living, such as beating, such as drying, because the paper strength in addition to the fiber itself factors, but also with the paper fiber bonding strength, and bonding strength and paper handling related


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