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Clean Production Technology in Papermaking Industry


The necessity for clean production

Clean production is defined as producing clean products through the clean production process using clean raw materials. The implementation of cleaner production is to abandon the high consumption, high input resource-based production model, and use the least environmental costs to obtain the greatest environmental needs and development. The significance of clean production is to avoid the traditional, lagging pollution control model of treatment after pollution, emphasizing the increase of resources and energy conversion rate in production process, and reducing the generation of pollutants to decrease adverse effects on the environment.

The Ways to Implement Clean Production in Paper Making Industry

I.Improvement of the preparation phase

In the preparation phase, clean raw materials and accessories should be used, substandard raw materials shouldn’t be allowed to enter the workshop. The quality of raw materials directly affects the efficiency of preparation, pulp quality and production costs. It should be checked whether wood raw materials are peeled and whether there is rotten wood mixed. Waste paper should be cleaned up, only waste paper meeting a certain standard should be selected; for grass raw materials, method of combination of dry and wet preparation can be use

d to remove impurities.
II.Improvement of pulping technology

Pulp pollution accounts for more than 80% of the pollution load of the entire paper making process, with high consumption of chemicals, water consumption and energy consumption, and thus it have the greatest potential for cleaner production.

1.High yield pulping: high yield pulping can improve resource utilization, reduce the consumption of fiber and chemicals, the use of new bleaching agent that will not produce organic chloride can make content of BOD, COD and AOX in bleach waste water much less than the chemical pulp, there will be little waste water pollution load in production process, and waste recycling will be relatively simple.

2.Deep delignification technology: Deep delignification of pulp and low / non-polluting bleaching are trends in the pulp industry. The results show that the lower the Kappa number of the pulp before bleaching, the lower the content of the absorbed organic matter in the bleached waste water, and the smaller the pollution is, so it is required to minimize Kappa number of the pulp before bleaching, but the traditional cooking method can not meet this requirement. The deep delignification technology developed in the early 1980s was to maintain the quality of the pulp by changing the traditional cooking conditions or by performing certain treatments before bleaching through increasing the amount of delignification.

3.Biological pulping technology: biological pulping is to directly use microbial to degrade the lignin in fiber raw materials to dissociate the fiber, making it into pulp. The process is environmentally friendly,which can reduce energy consumption and chemical consumption, so the use of biotechnology in the pulp and paper making process is conducive to overcoming the shortcomings of chemical methods (high chemical consumption and high pollution load), thereby reducing the fiber raw material consumption and waste water pollution load.

III. Waste paper pulping

The use of waste paper pulp can not only alleviate the growing shortage of paper making raw materials worldwide, reduce the consumption of fiber raw materials, energy and water resources, and can reduce the pollution of paper waste on the environment. While the pollution load of waste paper pulp can be greatly reduced, the use of waste paper pulping can achieve a complete closed cycle of waste water, so that waste zero emission or nearly zero emission can be achieved.


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