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Popular Vacuum Pump in Paper Making Process

Vacuum Pump

What’s A Vacuum Pump?

A vacuum pump is a device that uses a mechanical, physical, chemical, or physicochemical method to evacuate a vessel to obtain vacuum. In terms of popularity, a vacuum pump is a device for improving, producing and maintaining vacuum in a closed space with a variety of ways.

Vacuum Pump Overall Structure Type

The arrangement of the pump body of the vacuum pump determines the overall structure of the pump.

Vertical structure inlet and outlet horizontal setting makes assembly and connection lines more convenient. But the pump center of gravity is high, which will have poor stability in the high-speed operation, so this type is used for small pumps.

The two rotor shafts of the pump are mounted vertically with the horizontal plane. This structure assembly gap can be easily controlled, installation of the rotor is simple, and the pump area is small.


(1) There is a large pumping speed in a wide range of pressure;

(2) The rotor has a good geometric symmetry, so the vibration is small, and operation is smooth. There are gaps between the rotors or between the rotor and the shell, so lubrication is not needed, and there is little friction loss, which can greatly reduce the drive power to achieve high revolving speed;

(3) The pump chamber doesn’t need to be sealed or lubricated by oil, reducing pollution of the oil vapor on the vacuum system;

(4) There is no compressing or exhaust valve in pump chamber. The structure is simple and compact, which is not sensitive to dust and water vapor in the pumped gas;

(5) The compression is relatively low, which has poor hydrogen extraction effect;

(6) The rotor surface is the more complex curve cylinder.


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